Chris Zoerhof


Chris Zoerhof

Project Manager / Renovations


As a kid, using my hands and woodworking had always appealed to me. I can
remember being in my dad’s barn while he would be welding, machining, and working on cars and fabricating custom pieces out of metal. I would be asking him for blocks of wood and a hammer and nails to build my master pieces. With my dad’s knowledge of machinery and his attention to detail , he inspired me to do the same on every one of my own projects.  A strong work ethic was instilled in me at a very young age, my grandparents were dairy farmers so there was never a lack of hands on work to be done. I could not stay away from this hands-on fun and I had to be there every chance possible. Today, my uncle now runs the farm and I have the privilege to bring my kids, Reid and Macie, there to experience everything I did and be a part of something that had such a huge influence on me and my “work hard” mentality.

In 2002-2005, is when my love for residential construction started to take shape. I was able to join shop class as well as a building trades program run by my High School, this allowed me to start learning the trade. I also had the opportunity on any days I had off to work for my Uncle who is a residential contractor. Here my experience focused on rough framing and finish trim work on his custom houses.  Even when I had to step away from the residential construction industry for few years, due to the economy, I never lost interest. In 2016, I made the leap of faith and went out on my own as an independent contractor. Working cohesively with other independent contractors I was able to really dive into and gain more knowledge and fine tune my skills in the residential industry, while still holding on to my passion for woodworking and its craft.

At the end of 2019 and during the wonderful year of 2020 I took on the challenge of building and contracting my personal home in Borculo, MI where I live with my wife Mellissa, two kids Reid and Macie and our dog Luna. In February of 2021 Drew reached out to me about becoming a part of the Troxel team. I had known Drew at this point for many years and was more than happy to accept his offer. Working for a custom home builder with the level of respect and care for the customers and detail that Troxel has was more than I could ever ask for.

Troxel Custom Homes has been building custom designed and crafted homes in West Michigan for over 20 years.



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