Lindsey Barkel

Lindsey Barkel

Client Experience Manager

Growing up, I was the only girl I knew that loved Legos. Making floor plans, furniture, and even gardens – couldn’t get enough! And then there were Barbies – creating relationships, having families, making their houses into homes. This was my dream: creating a family and creating a home. And that is exactly the path my life took! I am a wife and a mom to 4 children. I am a relational person and love to get to know people. Designing, writing, and communicating are vital in my need for creative and relational outlets.

I didn’t grow up with any exposure to home construction so when I became a homeowner, my husband taught me how to use tools: from the paint brush to the tile saw. Learning interior home-finishing techniques, I gained a vast knowledge on the process of how things come together to create the end result. Primarily a stay at home mom, I was able to work on the side decorating and designing for myself and for dozens of customers. Over the decade of the DIY/hands-on approach, I learned so much about the design process and functionality in the home, as well as establishing friendly business relationships.

Designing, decorating, writing, gardening… I am passionate for so many things when it comes to creativity. But more so than any of this, I’d have to say I am passionate about people. Whether it’s my own family or strangers, I find that I’m often in a position where I am in a position of counselor. My favorite outlet of doing this is with the women I meet with at the Lakeshore Pregnancy Center, where I volunteer. I want nothing more than for these women to experience the joy in being a mom and making a home. Depth. Integrity. Quality. Hard work. Creating and displaying beauty. These characteristics are fundamental to me in all I do.

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