Future Builder following inspiration from Troxel Custom Homes

This adorable little boy has captured our hearts in many ways but this recent picture says it all.  During the process of building their family home, he referred to Brian Troxel as Builder Brian.  He is special to us for many reasons but when his Mom posted this picture it brought the “awww” right out of you.

We love that you admire our craft little Buddy, glad to have you join the club of being a Builder … in your future!


Troxel Custom Homes builds in #1 Secure City in the U.S.

In the latest Farmers Insurance rankings of hundreds of communities across the U.S. based on safety & security, Holland-Grand Haven our home town in Michigan secured the title of Most Secure Mid-sized Cities by possessing a desirable combination of factors (jobs, low crime rates, housing, climate, health, reduced levels of natural disasters) that make Holland-Grand Haven one of the best places to live in the United States.

Troxel Custom Homes … the company to build your home sweet home.