Planning for your future home improvements while in quarantine.

Planning for your future home improvements while in quarantine.

Here in Michigan we have had a “stay at home order” since mid March, giving us lots of time to make a laundry list of things in our homes that need to be done, and things we want changed. Now that we have a list of wants and needs, what next?

Some things, like clearing out pantries, and tidying up the kids’ playroom are things we can tackle on our own. Turn on Marie Kondo, spark some joy, and declutter. Other things, like wanting to add another wing onto your existing home for family expansion, well… you may need some help with that. 

Start with an outline. Browse through pictures, magazines, and websites like Houzz. Save pictures of homes, products, or details you really like so you can refer back to them later. Think about your lifestyle and different aspects of your home that will reflect that. In your renovation, are you looking for more room to entertain (when you can finally have friends over), or maybe a whole room dedicated to music for your talented children to practice and record in? These are all important pieces that can make your home uniquely yours. Now that you have an idea, (or a few) of what you want your home to look like and incorporate, we would love to hear from you.

At Troxel Custom Homes, we pride ourselves in our unique processes that include the homeowner every step of the way to make sure your home is just that: uniquely YOURS. On our website, you can download our New Home Starter Guide. It includes what we talked about above, and more to help you get started, and is a great place to keep all of your notes. We hope you are staying safe, and healthy, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

Earth Day this year brings new meaning to our lives. As we all have been affected in significant ways by the pandemic covering all corners of the earth, we realize that HOME truly where the heart is. We are spending more time than ever in our homes as we seek shelter with those we love and hold most dear.

For Earth Day this year, we need to think all the more about how our homes affect our planet and how they affect our physical and mental health. I think we all realize that building energy-efficient homes that minimize our impact on our world is a good thing; it is something that we have been doing as a standard at Troxel Custom Homes for many years. But this year I think we are all starting to think about how healthy our HOME is for US!  Our physical well being can be affected by heating and air-conditioning systems that ensure enough fresh air is being brought into the home – how is our air filtered and treated, what products are used and how might those affect air quality, and how is light treated (both natural and otherwise)? It’s also important to know how your home affects your mental health. Through the use of thoughtful design, careful product integration, and lifestyle consideration a home can become more than just shelter. It can actually become a refuge; a space that warmly embraces us, an environment that allows us to thrive, and a space that your family and friends recognize as special and uniquely yours. Your home can be the warm and embracing hug that we all wish we could experience more in these trying times.

If you are interested in exploring what that can look like either as a renovation to the home you have now, or a truly custom home built just for you, we are here to talk! The initial conversation where we listen to your dreams and introduce you to our process is free of charge!

Should I renovate? Or build a new home?

Should I renovate? Or build a new home?

The Case for Renovations (remodeling & additions):

a)      Your home is dated, worn, or doesn’t meet your needs anymore … but you really like where you live – remodeling, and maybe an addition, with Troxel Custom Homes can bring your existing home up to date with your current and future lifestyle!

b)     You are moving and have a specific area you want to be in, but just can’t find the right existing home – consider working with Troxel Custom Homes to show you what might be possible to renovate an existing home to meeting your expectation and desires.

Before Renovation
After Renovation

The Case for a New Custom Home:

a)      You are moving to an area where there just aren’t existing homes available but there is available land – Troxel Custom Homes will help you pick the right location and then help you bring your dream home to reality.

b)     You want a home that will fit exactly what your lifestyle demands now and into the future – Troxel Custom Homes can help design and build that perfect home for you.

Foundation of a new home
Finished new home

Whether you choose to renovate or to build, Troxel Custom Homes will work with you to balance your budget, the size/design of the project, and the specifications (finish details) to be sure that you can be happy for years to come in your new space.