It’s a great feeling to end up with a home that’s completely and totally you through building a custom home; but making some of the design choices can seem scary at first. Most people, when thinking of building a new home, aren’t quite sure where to begin. A tip we like to give our clients is to just start simple. You don’t have to have your entire home planned at once. Take your time. Explore ideas. Browse through and save your favorite photos from magazines and websites like Houzz, so you can refer to them later. While you’re searching, take into account all of the different types and styles of homes you seem to gravitate towards. Do you like the cozy minimalist look, or prefer an eclectic contemporary style? Is a home theater a must have, or have you always dreamed of specific trim details? The biggest thing to remember is that you want your overall design to be cohesive and consistent. Having an overall aesthetic will make it much easier to stick to a style as your design process furthers, and making decisions between a few favorites is more of a breeze. Now that you have taken the time to think about styles, small details, and aesthetics, look it over again. Have you captured what is important to YOU? Can you picture yourself preparing a meal in your kitchen while your loved ones are gathered in the cozy living area?

The best part of building a custom home is that it will be uniquely yours. It’s something you can call your own and you have the final say on all of the design choices. In partnership with the Troxel Custom Homes design team and the benefit of many years building people’s dreams, Troxel Custom Homes will be your guide through the entire process. There are many vendors that are also part of the Troxel Tribe that will be by your side to help put together all of the little details along the way.