THE Troxel Custom Homes Process

Building your dreams, one home at a time



At each phase of the home building process, we talk about what we call the Troxel Triangle. This triangle helps our clients visualize the balance of the three primary factors of home construction.


This is what the construction blueprints show us. How many square feet will your home encompass, will there be a deck, how big is the garage? Is it open concept, raised or vaulted ceilings, or do you have large window walls? These are all aspects of the home that you can see on the blueprints.


These are the detailed specifications that encompass everything that goes into the home. What flooring types would you like, what type of cabinetry, and what are the countertops? This will include siding types, door styles, and more. Each decision is yours and will relate back to the other two points of the triangle.


This point of the triangle represents the cost of your home, as it relates to the other two points of the triangle.

A visualization of the Troxel Triangle

When it comes to building a home, we ask that you keep in mind that we need to work together to balance the triangle. You can fix two points of the triangle but the third will need to remain flexible. We will be here to walk you through this, and will help you with working out what the priorities truly are for you. We will make sure that the triangle balances exactly right for the home that is just right for you!




During our first discovery session, we will sit down with you to listen to what your dream home looks like in your mind. We will work to discover what’s most important to you and your lifestyle, and we will go over the tools we use to guide you through the design and building of your home. At Troxel Custom Homes, we take great pride in building solid relationships with all of our clients, and we make it our priority to listen to you and understand exactly what it is that you are looking for in your Troxel Custom Home.


We will visit with you on your homesite where we can get a better idea of the space we have to work with. Together we will look to take advantage of the natural features you have—like special views or specific trees you might want to save. We will explore sunlight angles, neighboring homes, topography, soil quality, and other considerations to ensure you home is positioned and oriented to your greatest advantage and to enable the vision you have for your home.


Now that we know what it is you’re looking for, and we’ve thoroughly discussed the big picture, we’ll sit down and draw up the construction blueprints that we will build your home from. We’ll work with you to find the right architect and, as a team, we’ll work together to create a blueprint that aligns with your ideal size, design, and budget.


While the construction blueprints are being drawn up and the big picture design is underway, we will then begin to discuss more specific details of your custom home. This is where we will talk about the details that will make this home uniquely yours. We will review things like what does the kitchen backsplash look like, what style of doors will you have, or selecting the soaking tub for the owners suite. Together we will figure out each and every selection for your home based on your priorities for the finished product. Don’t worry, we will walk with you through this entire process, and we will be here to answer your every question.


Now that the construction blueprints are compete and we have reviewed your selections, we will assemble a complete set of construction documents for you. These spell out all the product and detail specifications, and what the price will be for your complete home. We will review the documents with you to ensure you understand everything, and once you are comfortable with every aspect of your custom home, we will sign a contract together.


Construction begins! As your dream starts to take shape you will be able to log in to our website on your computer, or download our app on your smartphone, and follow along with the construction schedule, selection confirmations, share pictures to your favorite social media, track your budget, and more. We will also meet at your home to review details and discuss the specifics that make your Troxel Custom Home uniquely yours.


Once your custom home is complete, we will walk through it together to review every detail. We want to make sure that you know how everything works and ensure that you are 100% happy with every detail. At last, we hand you the keys to your brand-new custom home! This isn’t goodbye at all—it’s when we say get to say “Welcome to the Troxel Family, and Welcome Home!”



"Troxel Custom Homes provided us with both services and product that exceeded our expectations. From the first meeting when they asked questions and patiently listened to us for nearly three hours, to the homeowner training, Troxel Custom Homes focused on delivering a custom home for us."

Glynis & Ken

"The staff were incredible during the entire building process from design to delivery. Every step of the process was enjoyable and hassle-free thanks to the fine crew of contractors, designers and suppliers who assisted along the way. We give Troxel Custom Homes an A+ for quality and customer satisfaction!" 

Dan & Dianna

"Since we lived 150 miles away from the area where our new home was to be built, it was important that we went with a builder who not only does quality work but also has integrity, conscientiousness, attention to detail, and is trustworthy.

In Troxel Custom Homes we found all those qualities."

Marcia & Ed



Are you interested in building a new home but not sure where to even begin? Our Custom Home Starter Guide is the perfect resource to help walk you through the initial planning phases of a custom home build.

Custom Home Starter Guide

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