At Troxel Custom Homes, one of the initial inquiries we often receive from potential clients is: “How much does it cost to build a custom home?” We understand that regardless of our clients’ financial circumstances, cost is a crucial consideration, and maximizing their investment’s value is a top priority.

Unfortunately, many clients kick off their search for a builder by asking about “cost per square foot,” believing it’s a practical way to compare builders and determine the size of the home they can afford. We liken this to gauging a car’s price based solely on its weight – while there’s some correlation between weight and cost, it’s not a comprehensive metric for selecting the right car model. Similarly, there are several reasons why the “cost per square foot” question may not be the best approach for home building. Let’s delve into three crucial considerations:

A) Confusing Comparisons: Different builders calculate cost per square foot differently, leading to confusion about what’s included and what the real number is. For example: does the quoted number include unfinished areas, exterior porches, and site work – or account for the size of garages, decks, and outdoor living areas?

B) Risk of Underestimation: When pressed with the “cost per square foot” question, builders may offer lower estimates to avoid early dismissal, hindering meaningful discussions.

C) Potential for Disappointment: Relying on a generic cost structure without considering design, specifications, or site factors can lead to disillusionment when actual costs emerge.

So, what’s a more effective way to inquire about cost?

We understand that having a ballpark idea of the final cost is vital for determining how you can best proceed with your dream of building a new home. By investing a little time in determining your priorities, you can have a more meaningful conversation with any builder about what your costs will be. Be prepared to discuss:

A) Size and Style Preferences: Number of bedrooms, baths, and other spaces (both inside and out) that you want to be included. Also discuss preferred architectural style and general square footage.

B) Site Considerations: Property location, condition, and any unique features.

C) Finish Preferences: Desired finishes, from simple to luxury.

D) Additional Details: Any other preferences, features, and general ideas that are important to you.


Providing this information will enable builders to offer more accurate cost ideas that will align with your expectations. At Troxel Custom Homes, we recognize that both total cost and value are crucial factors in building a new home, regardless of the price point. We tailor our approach to carefully listen to your needs and leverage our expertise to exceed your expectations. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d be honored to guide you through the custom home building process!


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